Diviemme was founded in 1991 and is occupied with the production and trade of spotlights and halogen lamps.

The company has always stood out for the quality and safety of its products as well as for excellent customer service.
In 2006, the conversion to LED products began which during these years have undergone a great evolution.

Today Diviemme is outstanding for the reliability and design of the LED products that are installed in various sectors, so much that it includes among its customers the major Italian brands in the furniture sector while in the European market it relies on the major distributors of furniture accessories. Moreover, in the sector of retail its products have been installed in the stores of the most important brands in the sectors of fashion, jewelry and cosmetics in many countries worldwide and finally also in the contract sector with great pride that Diviemme boosts installations in various hotels, skyscrapers, campuses, villas around the world.


ISO 9001

Diviemme SRL has been ISO 9001 certified since 2001.


It also adheres to the Ecolight Consortium
(registration in EEE register n.IT08020000001607).



An encounter between the latest generation technology and thirty years of experience are the basis of innovative products that last in quality and shape also in the future. The use of certified and high quality products guarantee high efficient products with particular attention to design.


Diviemme is engaged in the search for new technological solutions for the development of new lighting and light management systems as well as the optimization of the safety and installation of each new product.


Diviemme has in recent years developed a design and prototyping service for the search for customized lighting solutions based on particular customer requests, providing expertise and innovation, supporting the various degrees of development of the project dedicated to the customer. A custom made service between technology and creativity is essential to meet the individual needs of each customer.


Diviemme is able to supply its products to multiple sectors:

  • Furniture industry → bedroom-living-kitchen-bathroom-offices
  • Retail → furnishing of commercial-display spaces
  • Residential → interior lighting
  • Contract → hotels, furnished skyscrapers, campus, villas

DVM offers solutions to the furniture industry, electrical lighting retailers, stainless steel centers and wholesalers a complete range of highly reliable lighting products.

via Marinelle 31
35030 Saccolongo
Padova, Italy